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Spokane Roofing Contractors: What To Expect With Your Contractor

Spokane Roofing Contractors

Your roof is an important and essential part of your home. It provides shelter, heats and cools your property, and makes it more attractive and pleasant to look at. But, how do you maintain it? What should you expect if you select a roofing contractor?


Many homeowners neglect to repair or maintain their roofs until there is a problem. To maintain your roof's strength and integrity, you need to fix any missing shingles, damaged ceilings, or blocked gutters.

If Spokane roofs are not maintained and checked regularly, it could lead to a need for a new roof. Let's not get too worried about replacing your entire roof. Here are some things you can expect from the beginning to the end.

This is what you should expect when you are looking at roof replacement.


Your home's interior can be damaged by a compromised roof with missing shingles or standing water. You could end up paying more for repairs to your home's interior if you delay replacing the roof. To avoid unnecessary expenses, schedule your roof repair as soon as you can.


You will need to select the right materials. Talk to your roofing contractor from the Spokane area about the best roofing materials for you and your budget. Many times, the options offered are based on your locality.

Certain types of roofing materials may not be suitable for your area. Your Spokane roofing contractor may have the best advice, and will be able to recommend materials and methods that are suitable for you. Ask as many questions about roofing materials and the building process, and be ready for the magic to begin when the entire crew arrives.


You'll receive a container to collect old roofing materials before the installation date. You will also receive new roofing materials. These will likely be placed on your driveway. Talk to your Spokane contractor about the delivery dates. Make sure you have enough space for these materials in your garage so that you can prepare for your next project.


Make sure you secure your landscaping and plan for your pets and children. Make arrangements to ensure that pets and children are taken care of before you start work.

You can cover delicate areas of landscaping with tarps or cloth and tell the crew you do not want them disturbed.

Avoid areas that are currently being worked on as you may be injured by falling debris, nails, or shingles. If you have any questions, establish a contact point with the crew and let them do the quality work.

  • Arrow Point Roofing always sets up tarps and protective equipment to protect your home and landscaping from damage and roofing debris.


A final inspection will take place. Your Spokane roofing contractor will often return to your house after the work is completed to conduct a final inspection and collect any remaining payment. To check for any debris, nails, or other items that might have been left behind, a final sweep will be done on your property.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work done, let your Spokane roofer know! Regular inspections and care will help extend the life of your most valuable investment.

Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters can help you feel confident that you are making a good investment! We offer free estimates and can provide financing for homes and businesses throughout the Inland Northwest.

We are a family-owned, locally owned, Spokane roofing and gutter installation company, and we will always set clear expectations and communicate with you before, during and after the job!

Call Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters at (509) 504-6972


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