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Avoid DIY Roofing Mistakes

Avoid Do It Yourself Roofing Mistakes

Online tutorials and videos are helping homeowners make DIY projects more popular. DIY roofing is a popular option for many homeowners but there are many roofing hazards and potentials for DIY roofing mistakes. Some homeowners enjoy the financial savings, while others prefer to try something different. No matter what your reasons, it is crucial to consider all the potential roofing risks before you climb on top of a roof.

Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters aims to be a professional roofing company that serves the best interests of homeowners in the Spokane area. We offer roofing services and repairs, replacements, as well as installations. We also like to share what we know. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to set up a flexible appointment, call Arrow Point Roofing. We're happy to assist.

Let's now look at some tips for avoiding DIY roofing hazards.


This one you probably knew before you even opened this article. You probably think of falling off the roof. But there are many other dangers. Multitasking, such as balancing on the roof or using a nail gun can prove more difficult than you think. Before you climb up onto the roof, practice on the ground.

Always be mindful. Remember that you are only a few feet or less above the ground. You can fall if you lose your awareness of the roof edge, or step on a weak spot on the roof due to a leak. If you fall from this height, personal protective equipment will not protect you from serious injuries. There are systems and harnesses that can be used to stop you from falling.


Imagine working in extreme temperatures on your roof only for rainwater to leak through the roof into your attic and top floor. Although it may seem simple, there are many rules and techniques involved in installing roofing elements. Installing flashing and underlayment is a must when installing asphalt shingles. You must pay attention to every detail as gaps, holes, or other imperfections could expose your home to the elements.


You may be underestimating the cost for a DIY roof project. Make sure to consider the extra costs that you will incur for correcting any mistakes. If this is your first project, you will make mistakes. You should also consider your time investment. You'll be wasting your time on personal work.

Want Expert Roofing Service?

Call Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters to have the roofing experts handle your roofing needs. Arrow Point offers affordable prices as well as a variety of discounts and to make roofing affordable.

Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters offers free estimates and financing for residential homes throughout the Inland Northwest. We are a family-owned, locally owned, Spokane roofing and gutter installation company.

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