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Poor Roof Ventilation can Cause Significant Damage to Your Home.

A typical asphalt shingle roof showing ventilation of the attic

Poor roof ventilation on Spokane roofs can lead to severe damage to your property or business. Insufficient ventilation can lead to damage from condensation, heat, rusting and other factors that are caused by the harsh northwest environment. This can quickly escalate into more serious problems.

To avoid any long-term damage, make sure your roof vents properly. To identify signs of damage, it is important to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional.

Continue reading to find out the signs and effects of poor roof ventilation.


Your roof's structure can be damaged by heat buildup, mold, and condensation. Wood warping can cause roof structure weakness. These roof materials can begin to bow and sag when they are damaged. Your roof's shape will be altered by sagging, but eventually your roof will leak and fall apart.


Insufficient ventilation can lead to serious problems that could reduce the roof's lifespan. Roof decking can rot when it is exposed to heat or moisture. This can cause roof shingles and sublayment damage. Mold buildup is another side effect of poor roof ventilation. There is a temperature difference between indoors and outdoors if there is no ventilation. Condensation is the result. Condensation can eventually attract mold and pests to the roof's shingles.


To prevent your home from heating up, you need to have adequate ventilation. Poor roof ventilation can allow heat from the sun to enter your house and increase the heat. Your house's temperature will rise and your air conditioner will need to work harder to cool it down. This can increase your home's energy use and even cause your air conditioner to stop working.


Rusting is another common roof problem that requires roof rot repair. Poor attic ventilation is another reason for rust. Your roof is made up of many metal parts that keep it together, no matter what roofing material you choose. These metal parts can rust if your attic isn't ventilated. Rust can cause your roof to collapse and weaken its foundations. You will need a replacement roof if this happens.


Did you ever feel a temperature increase when you walked up stairs or between rooms? Poor roof ventilation is another reason for this. This is another sign that your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are not meeting the demand.


Natural Ventilation: Hot air rises in a home, creating pressure in the attic. This high-pressure, trapped air will be replaced by low-pressure, cool air if it is allowed to escape. Homeowners can use natural air flow to maintain their home's interior temperature and provide roof ventilation. Natural ventilation can also occur through windows, doors and other gaps.

Mechanical Ventilation – For certain structures, it might be necessary to use a system with mechanical vents. This type of roofing ventilation needs a power source to ensure constant air flow. If the roof design doesn't allow for much airflow or the home is located in an area with little wind, mechanical roofing ventilation options may be necessary.


Reduce Energy Costs - Bad ventilation can cause rising temperatures in your attic which can spill over into the rest of your home. This can lead to higher electricity bills and inconsistent heating and cooling in the home, which will increase the burden on HVAC systems.

Maintain a Healthy Home - Poor roof ventilation can cause mold and mildew to build up. This can not only affect your roof, but also pose health risks for your family. Proper roof ventilation will ensure that you don't have to worry about temperature fluctuations within your home.

You can prolong the life of your roof by improving ventilation. Poor roof ventilation can lead to roof damage that will reduce its lifespan.

Are you seeing signs that you have poor roof ventilation and are in need of an inspection? Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters has a team of experienced roofers who can help you. Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters offers free estimates and financing for homes and businesses throughout the Inland Northwest. We have clear expectations and will be honest about every job.


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