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How to Choose a Roofing Color

asphalt shingle color options

You have the opportunity to completely transform your home with a roof replacement. You will need to choose a roofing color when planning this project. This is a big decision, since the color you choose will be part of your home's exterior for many decades. Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters, one of the best roofing contractors, shares the top considerations when choosing a roof color.


Your roofing color has an important impact on the temperature of your attic. This can have a significant impact on your cooling and heating costs. Shingles with a lighter color reflect the sun best and help to cool your home in hot weather. Dark-colored shingles, on the other hand, absorb more heat which can make your home warm. You want your home to look great and also increase your comfort.


It is important to consider your exterior color scheme when choosing a color for your roof. Your roof shouldn't be a sticking out feature. Consider the colors of your siding and windows to help you choose a shade that matches them. Contrasting colors can create a greater visual impact. Contrasting colors can make your new roof stand out. For color and material recommendations, consult a roofing specialist like us.


Some roof shades are not suitable for all styles of homes. Traditional homes are best with classic, dark roofing colors, rather than brighter shades. Consider the style of your home and select a color that best highlights its unique characteristics. Your home's architecture will also be affected by your choice of color. Your home can be visually larger if you choose light colors, but darker ones will make it appear smaller.

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May 21

Arrow Point Roofing & Gutters advises on choosing the perfect roof color. They consider climate, exterior coordination, and architectural style to ensure your home looks great and stays comfortable.

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